Here’s how you can position yourself to purchase with cash as a buyer.

Great news, buyers! The DARE Network has positioned itself with a great company to help buyers purchase homes with cash. Why would someone do that? Well, a cash offer has four times the chance of winning against a financed offer. Additionally, cash offers allow you to skip the appraisal, so your offer won’t have a financing contingency, which will allow you to negotiate better terms for yourself.

So how does this work? All you have to do is fill out an application (free of charge), and within 72 hours, you’ll receive word back if you’ve been approved for a certain amount of cash. If you are, we’ll take you out to look at homes within the price range for which you were approved. Just like a normal purchase, we’ll help you make an offer on a home and close on it. While you’re moving in, you’ll do a regular loan to buy the home from our partner company.

“With this program, you’re able to buy a home with cash to compete in today’s market.”

If you decide to use our partner’s mortgage company, Homeward Mortgage, there is a convenience fee of 1.9%. However, if you do work with them, that fee will be credited back to you at closing.

Best of all, there’s no catch. With this program, you’re able to buy a home with cash to compete in today’s market, which allows you to get the best terms and rates. We have quite a few satisfied clients in the program now. Click here for more information about the program. 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.